How we made our product more personalized with CSS Variables and React

I have seen some buzz around CSS Variables lately and recently had the opportunity to use them as part of the front-end team at Geckoboard. They solved a very specific problem for us while being easy to use, fast, and maintainable. In this post, I�耱l describe how and why we used CSS Variables in combination with React to re-style our web app on the fly!

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A continuous deployment workflow for Hugo with Wercker and Amazon AWS S3

After some trial and error finding the right deployment for my site I thought Id share a few of the intricacies and issues I had deploying my static Hugo site to an S3 bucket with Wercker. The basics are fairly simple and explained well in the Hugo Docs but there is not much documentation out there for the little touches like handling cache control and minifying your HTML output to please the Google Page Speed gods.

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Building a production website with Hugo and GulpJS

Hugo is a free and open-source static site generator (SSG) with a beautifully simple setup process, a command line interface and several killer features which Ill cover in this tutorial. I am going to take you through the entire process of building a production website with Hugo, using GulpJS as an asset pipeline for CSS, JS and images.

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